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Custom Dog Tags
Personalized Dog Tags and Pet Tags
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Military Dog Tag & Identification Pet Tag
are of the highest quality.
Protect your pet,
buy them Personalized Dog ID Tags.  
Pet tags, dog id tags
are engraved with a computerized engraver

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Custom Military Dog Tags, Pet Tags are available
in many sizes, shapes, colors
Custom Dog TagsPersonalized Dog Tags


Stainless Steel, Brass,
Aluminum, Plastic


Red, Blue, Green

Dog Collars

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Adorable Dog Tags


Choosing a dog
There are few things more appealing than a young puppy.
Picking the puppy that is right for you will often require some forethought. Avoid impulse buying or adoptions.
These can often lead to disappointment and even resentment towards the pet.
Avoid owners that want to meet you in a parking lot or who sell on the side of the road.
You have a greater chance of healthy puppies if you can see both parents and the conditions
in which the puppy was raised


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